237.130 Week 1. Biography of A.Wu

This is a pursuit to find beauty in the mundane.

As a young and naive creative from suburban East Auckland, it’s hard not to be driven by curiosity. I am of Chinese descent and the youngest sibling in a family of 4. Quentin Tarantino films, Salvador Dali sketches, and festivals interest me, as well as a good thrift shop down Cuba St. I value good company, good food, and good art. I’m most curious about the design of everyday things we stumble across unknowingly, whether it’s the poster in the bus stop or the app icon on our phones, it’s always remained a mystery to me how the best designs can communicate so subtly but still have such a powerful impact. My previous work focuses a lot on sociocultural evolution, especially the gender equality gap. Throughout my college years, I played football and eventually became captain of the school team, in my last year I picked up underwater hockey in a spur of the moment thing, never regretted it though. After leaving school at 17, I made my way down the country to Wellington. Here I have been submerged in culture and connected with a wide spectrum of individuals, I am growing and discovering identities within myself and the world surrounding me through opportunities never presented before.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Matiu Somes Island
237.130 Week 1. Biography of A.Wu

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