237.130_A1_Week 1_Task 1_Influences And Aspirations

The kind of artist/designer I want to be;


El Lissitzky, propaganda poster “Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge”,  1919. Web. 5.03.16

El Lissitzky has heavily influenced me to experiment with geometrical shapes and spatial relationships as well as varying perspectives when designing.


Moonassi, illustration with pigment liner, “Face the Whole (Martini)”, 2011. Web. 5.03.16

Moonassi’s illustrations communicate depth and emotion in such an elegant and bold way,  I aspire to be able to communicate to audiences like this.


Barbara Kruger, photolithography on a paper shopping bag, “I Shop Therefore I Am”, 1990. Web.  5.03.16

Barbara Kruger’s use of vivid red on heavy black catches the eye of the viewer and adds emphasis to the idea/message she is trying to get across. Kruger’s work reflects my appreciation for clean yet bold fonts.


Sean Travis, editorial, Fixed Magazine, January 14, 2015. Web. 5.03.16

Sean Travis is an emerging graphic designer, he plays with the placement of type as well and the mixture of medias e.g. handwriting, photo. His designs inspire me to think “what if” and be playful with the resources available to me.


I hope to come out at the end of this with an in-depth skill set and be a rounded designer with a quality skill set, and have incorporated aspects from all the artists above. I would like to take Lissitzky’s spatial and perspective reasonings, Moonassi’s careful craftsmanship and communication channels, Kruger’s fierce palette and Travis’s “what if”.

237.130_A1_Week 1_Task 1_Influences And Aspirations

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