237.130_A1_W1_Task 3_Reading Reflection

  • Digital divide, Mirzoeff writes about this in relevance to connectivity. It’s strange to think in 2012 we had already increased the world’s internet access by a staggering 566% since the 2000’s, America and Europe are no longer the only ones connected 45% of users are based in Asia. In saying this there are still major regions going without internet access, the sub-Saharan Africa (excluding South Africa) and Indian sub-continent for example. In a world where everything is wired and connected, not having access to such a global network like the internet, it ends up creating a digital divide. When connectivity is such a large part of my life and needless to say my peers as well, it’s hard to imagine a time where I can’t send a Snapchat, Google Maps a location or Facebook Messenger a friend.
  • Universal medium is a way to communicate without language barriers or distance barriers, it is a medium that can be understood globally. Mirzoeff describes our emerging global society, as a visual society, we universally communicate on a basis of photographs and videos. If you count all the times you have been informed through a photo or video via the internet, it probably adds up to more than all the information you’ve learnt through all the other channels of communication e.g. books, lectures etc. Thinking about all the images and videos that go viral within hours exemplifies the power of the universal medium; the global web.


Works cited

Mirzoeff, Nicholas. “Introduction”. How to See the World. London: Pelican. 2015. 6-10. 8/03/16.

237.130_A1_W1_Task 3_Reading Reflection

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