237.130_A1_W3_Task 4_Option A_Writing Response

Reading comprehension: Walker’s perspective regarding Maori’s in academia is both powerful and heartbreaking, discussing the reality of being Maori in a “predominantly Pakeha institution” and the “bicultural supervision” going on in our education systems. Walker struggles to reach out to her preferred audience through writing, she describes her audience as “the Maori who will never get to university”. To create change is often a difficult and rare task, yet here Walker is writing not as a Maori, but hundreds, in hope to eliminate inequality and discrimination. Walker, Sheilagh, 153-154.

The author’s voice: Walker is passionate but frustrated, her efforts to legitimate Maori in academia seem to have gone unnoticed. The personal pronouns “i” and “my” are repetitively used as she is sharing her own individual experience, the abundant use of Maori words throughout the text allow a small insight into her world, words such as “wharewhui”, “korero”, and “Kaupapa” display her knowledge and culture. Walker, Sheilagh, 153. There is a strong personal position present right from the beginning, the continuous use of “struggle” is an indicator of what reality is like for Walker. “Anyway, aren’t I relevant?” Walker, Sheilagh, 154. The use of rhetorical question act as notes for Walker herself, they are a reminder of her cause. The text overall I found was easy to understand, but the underlying messages were often complex in meaning, the excerpt raises awareness about ongoing Maori inequality in universities.

Works cited

Walker, Sheilagh. “Chapter seven: Conclusion. Notes to myself: Writing from the gut”. Kia tau the rangimārie: Kaupapa Māori theory as a resistance against the construction of Māori as other. Auckland University: Unpublished Masters thesis (excerpt), 1996. 153-154. Print.


237.130_A1_W3_Task 4_Option A_Writing Response

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