237.130_A1_Week 2_Task 3_Compare And Contrast

Bus stops along Taranaki Street and Manners Street VS. Courtenay Place Lightboxes



The bus stops and light boxes are both in very public locations, a lot of foot traffic passes through them on a daily, perhaps even around the clock. Unlike some places, both are free and open 24/7, they provide somewhere to sit and rest as well as a bit of eye candy. As both places are graphic, they are able to communicate easily without any barriers e.g. the language barrier.


The underlying messages of the two are different as well as the purpose, bus stops are there as part of a journey to point A to Point B, not a leisurely act. Unlike, taking a trip out to see the Lightboxes “Romance” where you see an art exhibition. Bus stop advertisements often are only of advantage for the business’s profits, whereas the Lightboxes are there to encourage reflection of one’s environment.

img_20160312_111633-2.jpgManners Street bus stop


IMG_6524.jpgCourtenay Place Park – Light Boxes



237.130_A1_Week 2_Task 3_Compare And Contrast

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