237.130_A1_W2_Task 4_Visual Text Analysis

Lightbox Courtenay Place – “Romance” Gun & Crowd (road facing side)

Entirely graphic, no words present, the universal medium of the image is used here. A controversial subject of a gun in a man’s hands above a crowd. The composition of two images directly below each other, puts into question how do you read this piece? The logical way for me is downwards, but here the exhibition is open to everyone and everybody else’s viewpoints.

Every lightbox is made out of the same materials, however, every lightbox does not say the same thing. “Romance” was created in a hope to mirror our “pixel” based lives. These two images were a TV broadcast.

Sitting in relation to other objects and places, the lightboxes stand outside the theatre. A place where everything is live and the experience is first hand, unlike television broadcasts. Ironic really.

Attitudes towards graphic images of conflict are never the most grateful. Some may have found this offensive, but the sobering reality of our world is that there is a lot of conflict going on. Shepard helps the bring the issue into the spotlight, by exhibiting this piece, he raises awareness in a non-violent but effective way.

Gun & Crowd Lightbox, Courtenay Place.


1.jpg “ROMANCE. Richard Shepherd 2015. Proudly supported by the Public Art Fund. Absolutely positively Wellington City Council. Me Heke Ki pōneke”.



Wellington City Council, Courtenay Place Park. “Courtenay Place Park”, “Current Exhibition”. Web. 16/03/16.

237.130_A1_W2_Task 4_Visual Text Analysis

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