237.130_A1_W3_Task 3_Revised Glossary

Context (revised definition)

Who? What? Where? When? Why? Context is the surroundings of the object, person, or place, it helps us understand visual text by making connections to the world and us, the audience. Context refers to the reason and goals behind the creation. There is no wrong and right with context, as it is always changing with the world, context is based on our own understanding of the world and the personal experiences we have been through, thus meaning each person will interpret and react in unique ways.

Context in Ruszkiewicz, et al. “Reading Texts”. Beyond Words: Cultural Texts for Reading and Writing. 3rd ed. Boston: Pearson, c2012. 32-34. Print. 21.03.2016


This refers to the placement and arrangements of words in a sentence.

Glossaries and Language in Annals, Alison, Abby Cunnane, and Sam Cunnane. “Working with Images and Ideas”. Saying What You See: How to Write and Talk about Art. North Shore. NZ.: Pearson Ed. N.Z., 2009. Print. 32. 21/03/2016

237.130_A1_W3_Task 3_Revised Glossary

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