237.130_A1_W3_Task 2_ Writing Response

Option B.


The viewpoint the authors present is more or less a black and white approach, it’s a simplified and easy to understand stance on critical thinking. Creative thinking, analyzing, problem-solving, reasoning, and evaluating are the five categories discussed. The authors exhibit just how evolutionary the power of knowledge and thinking against the grain can be. As an aspiring creative, problem-solving and creative thinking is a major part of the creative process. Exposure to other people idea’s and reasonings is a way of learning, it has the ability to change the way we think and eventually help us to become a better thinker. In addition, to the subjects covered, i think they should touch base on the overlapping of categories as often we use a mixture when seeking a resolution.

The author’s voice; 

The voice throughout has quite a stern, authoritative, almost forceful tone, that is often strongly supported with evidence; examples, facts etc. There is also heavy use of collective pronouns; “people”, “we”, “they”, i assume this is an attempt to engage with the audience. The authors position themselves in an assertive position, they refer to the audience directly as “you”, i personally think they talk as if they are superior. The text in itself was easy enough to understand as well as informative, valid points were made with supporting evidence. I found the text to be a good read, it was appropriate for the topic and target audience.

237.130_A1_W3_Task 2_ Writing Response

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