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Before the Selfie, the Self-Portrait – by Alicia Eler.  August 5, 2013. http://hyperallergic.com/76218/before-the-selfie-the-self-portrait/

Alicia Eler is a critic, culture journalist and writer. Her work has featured in New York magazine, the Washington Post, Psychology Today, Gigaom, and Colorlines. Her article compares the contemporary selfie and the traditional self-portrait, it is informative as she refers to well known self-portrait artists such as Man Ray, Frida Kahlo, Gustave Courbet, Francisco de Goya, and Marie-Denise Villers and provides a break down of the context they were created in.

Art at Arm’s Length: A History of the Selfie by Jerry Saltz. http://www.vulture.com/2014/01/history-of-the-selfie.html#

Jerry Saltz is an american art critic, currently Saltz is the senior art critic and columnist for New York magazine. Saltz outlines the genre of the selfie as well as the many forms of it. The differences between the original self-portrait and the contemporary selfie are highlighted. The selfie often speaks for itself, it is not what they say but what is revealed that is most important, everyone has their own idea of a good selfie. Identity and character are often incorporated in the process.


Christina Balch is the artist behind the “Awake” project, each morning when Balch wakes up, she takes a selfie and uploads it to her Instagram account @christinabalchstudio. Balch ignores any “personal notions of vanity” in an attempt to capture the purity of the moment putting into perspective the marginalised idea of beauty, gender, race, sex, and class that shadows our everyday lives. Balch’s selfies differ to the standard selfie where the author often poses and represents themselves in the best way possible. Balch’s TED Talk brings into light her motives and reasons for creating “Awake”.


Andrew Grill’s TED Talk exemplifies the power of networking has through his very own experience. As social media use rapidly expands, the outreach to other networks and communities also increases. Mirzoeff links the fame of the selfie to the popularity of visual media sharing platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. Grill also demonstrates the social circles are capable of mass influence. I believe Grill is credible as he is a renowned leader in the field of social media and networking research, as well as being a partner of IBM London.
237.130_A2_W4_Task 3E_Resources

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