237.130_A2_W4_Task 3F_Topic Knowledge

  • Social media takeover leading to a lack of real life communication
  • Unobtainable beauty standards – celebrity selfies
  • Perception – the fakeness and concealments in selfies
  • Oversharing, the dangers of networking
  • Loss of culture – in a westernised world other cultures are often forgotten and diminished
  • Raising awareness of gender, race, sex, and class
  • Selfie as a mean of change and expression – breaking the conventional
  • Mental illnesses through the comparison of selfies
  • Visual media sharing creates a place of judgements and presumptions
  • Obsession with the physical self -> looks
  • The age technology and the selfie are introduced – are kids missing out on their childhood because of the iPhone, iPad etc.
  • Is the selfie still art – anyone with a camera can produce it
237.130_A2_W4_Task 3F_Topic Knowledge

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