237.130_A2_W4_Task 3G_Glossary

Self portrait

The self-portrait is essentially an expressive picture that portrays the artist. Traditionally painted, it’s associated with power, wealth, and class. Understanding the context of the self-portrait is key, often the subject matter is a reflection of character and identity. The contemporary “selfie” is associated to the classic self-portrait.


Postmodernism is the departure from modernism, it opposes the “new”. Previous artistic styles and conventions are used in the creation of collage-like art, it merges subject with object, the self, and other creating cultural hybrids. During this era “the artist was no longer a hero” Mirzoeff 49, art had no guidelines nor requirements.

“female masculinity”

Female masculinity directly translates to masculinity without men. Mirzoeff refers to the diverse gender spectrum in relation to how gender is determined by visual appearance rather than genetics. Halberstam claims some women identify with it as a “cultural meaning of their bodies” 1998, Mirzoeff 59.

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237.130_A2_W4_Task 3G_Glossary

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