237.130_A2_W4_Task 4A_Video review

After watching Martin Scorsese and Toledo Museum’s videos i gained in-depth knowledge on how visual literacy affects us and how important it is. Scorsese focused mainly on image in film highlighting the skill set needed to understand the visual items we see, Toledo Museum underlined how comprehension of visual literacy promotes thoughtful responses and interpretations, as well just how crucial critical thinking is to the process. Toledo Museum presented multiple perspectives of what visual literacy is rather than just one. This video intrigued me with its dynamic soundtrack and aesthetically pleasing look. However, it engaged me the most with its approach to the process of seeing something to committing it to memory and then to the process of critical thinking resulting in the accumulation of knowledge – “it’s only critical when you take the time to process the engagement”. Visual literacy is to explore, understand and be mindful of other people’s interpretations.

“Visual literacy and critical thinking go hand in hand”. 

237.130_A2_W4_Task 4A_Video review

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