237.130_A2_W5_TASK 3_Essay topic research

Mindmap – Afghan Girl, Steve Curry. 1984.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 3.15.54 pmStepping away from contemporary portraiture such as the selfie for a moment, the visual text “Afghan girl” exemplifies how powerful portraiture photography is in the communication of identity. The mind mapping process allowed me to analyse the visual texts in depth by categorising important information into essay points which then can be further expanded. The correlation between visual texts is made clear through the branched categories in the mind map, it isolates important contextual similarities and patterns.


Curry, Steve. Sharbat Gula. Digital image. Steve Curry. National Geographic, Dec. 1984. Web. 25 Apr. 2016.

These two seemingly similar images tell different stories. The left image is the first photograph Steve Curry took of Sharbat Gula, she hides her face with her hands in an attempt to mask her identity, this ties back in with her tradition and culture. In the second image, Gula’s piercing gaze tells a story of terror, her past that has become her identity. The picture becomes more than a picture of one girl, it becomes the symbol of an entire population with the same stark identity.

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237.130_A2_W5_TASK 3_Essay topic research

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