Considering ideology when analysing a visual text is important as it mirrors the context of current, this is a key part of gaining an in-depth critical understanding of the image and its content. When analysing Afghan Girl by Steve Curry the ideology behind the photograph is  crucial. Taking into consideration cultural ideal of females remaining anonymous and hidden, Gula’s piercing gaze of anger towards Curry is understood. After all, he is capturing her identity which opposes the local ideology. Images can be influenced by multiple bodies, not just the artists. Local community’s, the cultures and the artists ideology should all be taken into consideration.

960932_e31633311213401eb45178258d4e926eCurry, Steve. Sharbat Gula. Digital image. Steve Curry. National Geographic, Dec. 1984. Web. 25 Apr. 2016.

Reflection: I will use the paragraph above in my first draft. However, i will clarify the essay point and expand the ideas more in depth.


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