237.130_A2_W6_TASK 3_Essay topic research

Elizabeth Urbanski talks about the relationship between the traditional self-portrait and the contemporary selfie. Urbanski validates the expressions behind selfies, she points out how we still draw from historical conventions when choreographing our modern selfie. Using a historical self-portrait compared with a selfie, i can illustrate the link between the past and today. Another valid point made is the absence of an artists intermediary in the selfie. The subject can also be the artist. This means expression is more fluid but originality is harder to come by.

Reflection – Urbanski provided an in-depth analysis of body language and branding in selfies, she also backed up her points with visual evidence which helped validate her ideas. After watching this video, i am more aware of the distortion in selfies and the natural narcissistic element to them.


237.130_A2_W6_TASK 3_Essay topic research

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