237.130_A3_W10_Work book part 6

Familiarisation and definition of terms.

Citizenship refers to the process of becoming a citizen. A citizen must actively participate in society. Gaining citizenship requires a sound understanding and engagement with the main pillars of the countries governing system eg. democracy. As well as the politics, economy and local law.

A change agent is someone within or outside an organisation which helps it undergo  transformations, usually to improve the organisation. A change agent has duties which focus on organisational effectiveness, improvement, and development. Often these agents focus on the people and their interactions within the organisation’s environment. Strong relationships are often needed as well as a clear vision. Trustworthiness, patience, and persistence are vital to being a change agent.

Cultural critics literally are critics of culture. They seek to understand the social, political, historical, and artistic contexts in which a given text was written. As well as the conditions in which the text was distributed under.

Protest; actively react to something/someone in disagreement. Often related to politics. Protests can range from one person to many hundreds.

Resistance is the refusal to accept something or someone. Usually occurs when there is disapproval among the people.

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237.130_A3_W10_Work book part 6

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