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Introductory discussion about my “wicked idea” as well as Mirzoeff’s idea about what he proposes it means to be a citizen in this global era.

Currently, i am torn between two “wicked ideas” – Police interference with social media and police brutality.

Police brutality isn’t a contemporary issue, it’s in fact been a significant problem since the civil rights era. To fully understand where police brutality stems from it is key to having in-depth knowledge about the creation of inequality and the path it took to still be a major issue today. The analysis of “cultural logic of different social formations” provide insight to how inequality and “subsequent formations” are created (World Socialist Movement). The foundation of inequality stems from the development of Social logic, this allowed social stratification to occur, essentially separating the so-called “classes”. As these ideas progress with the generations, it was inevitable people of ranked power such as police officers would soon also develop unjust rational. Thus creating of police brutality towards those seen as “unequal” Eg. African Americans.

Police interference, on the other hand, is a contemporary issue. With the rapid rise of social media, there was originally no way to monitor the web sphere. Millions were connecting and communicating at never before seen speeds and distances, the exchange of information was unlimited. Seeing as information was so widely available this became a security problem. As technology caught up with the surge of social media, the web was no longer an unrestricted and open atmosphere, since the introduction of social media surveillance many questions have arisen. One in particular sticks out; is this a breach of our privacy?

“What does it mean to be seen to be a citizen in a global era? Who represents us at local and national levels in a globalised society? If the state cannot back up its own declarations with actions, how do we represent ourselves , visually and politically?” Mirzoeff, 290-291.

Being a global citizen means to identify yourself as part of an emerging world community as well as actively participating in it to build a better place for everyone.

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237.130_A3_W9_Publishable work

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