237.130_A3_W11_WORK BOOK PART 9

Familiarisation and definition of terms.

Agency can refer to two things, it can be a business that provides a specific service. Or it can be a government department that oversees a particular activity or area.

Social responsibility directly translates to one’s responsibility to the environment and community, to act in the best interests of those around them. Social responsibility also ties in with ethics and sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic and environmental issues.

Transformative practices refer to undertaking activities and pursuits which develop and improve something e.g. yourself, the community. This can be related to transformative learning which leads to perspective transformation. This includes psychological (understanding of the self), convictional (belief systems), and behavioral (lifestyle) changes. This requires critical analysis of interpretations to then reinterpret their experience to make sense through a different process, eventually grasping an unforeseen perspective.

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237.130_A3_W11_WORK BOOK PART 9

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