237.131 week 10

1. Inspired by Kerry Ann Lee’s lecture and Tze Ming Mok’s essay, create a piece of creative non-fiction in which you talk about your own cultural identity. You must make at least one connection with a significant moment in the history of Aotearoa (i.e like Tze Ming Mok did with the attack on Chi Phung, the National Front protest, and the Seabed and Foreshore hīkoi), and you must draw from your own lived experience (200 words).

She stands in the middle of two cultures. Born in New Zealand, of Chinese descent. She has an identity that is split in half, she is no more one than the other. Does this make her unique? Special? This makes her different.

New Zealand. A place where cultural difference is welcomed. But she knows first hand, this is a lie. Every day, she is defined by her apparent ethnicity, every day she remains in the margins.

She’s that “Asian bitch”.

Getting used to it is not that same as acceptance.

Like Sake Aca said racial taunts hurt. Racism corrupts all aspects of life, it made it onto the rugby pitch in mid-2015 and its made it into the streets in late 2016. It’s inevitably becoming more blatant.

Her and Aca are minorities now. But, there will come a time where minorities are history, there will come a time where equality will flourish. There will come a time where ALL are indifferent. That day is not today, perhaps not even in her lifetime. But, where there is hope there is change. And she is an advocate for that.

2. Go to the library and ask for one of the 237.131 2 hour loan books. Find the name of a creative practitioner in that book, then search for that name on the book catalogue PCs (upstairs, level B – don’t use Discover). Locate an image of their work (preferably in print) that fits with your creative writing. Scan this and upload it to your blog, remembering to include a caption.


Brownson, Ron. Home AKL: Artists of Pacific Heritage in Auckland. Auckland, N.Z.: Auckland Art Gallery Toi O Tamaki, 2012. Print.

Edith Amituanai approaches intimacy as if she was an onlooker. This resonates with my writing, my cultural identity is the intimate topic and by removing my immediate presence, i present the audience will a peculiar unfamiliarity.

Works cited

Sherwood, Sam, Brendon Egan, Tony Smith, and Nicole Mathewson. “Fijian Rugby Player Sake Aca Speaks of Anguish at Racial Taunts.” Stuff. N.p., 28 July 2015. Web. 12 Oct. 2016.

237.131 week 10

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