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Week 6 best blog posts



Week 7 Task 2


Reflection on Learning

I found the relationship between traditional self-portraits and contemporary selfies interesting, in particular, Elizabeth Urbanski’s TedX talk analysing selfies intrigue me as she made points about body language and “branding” i had never considered. The tasks in the past few weeks have helped me explore context and identity in a more thorough and comprehensive manner.

In particular, reading Sturken, Marita, and Lisa Cartwright’s “Images, Power and Politics” provided insight into representation and ideology. With this newfound knowledge, i was able to interpret Mirzeoff through ideology, thus leading to one of the key ideas in my essay; visual texts are a reinforcement of ideology.

My ideas and assumptions regarding visual texts have drastically changed throughout this paper, i have learnt to look below the surface and not only understand my own interpretation of visual texts but also understand and appreciate others opinions.

Creative approaches such as visual brainstorming and mind mapping have helped me illustrate and group my ideas into 3 key ideas for my essay. In comparison, some parts of Mirzoeff’s chapter confused me and were not as informative, further readings were needed to help clarify.

The objective and nonbiased approach applied to this paper have inspired me to be more open-minded towards my other classes and aspects to first-year life. I am more appreciative of other approaches and draw inspiration from them.

Visual toolkit.

Planning and Preparation –

  • In depth research.
  • Readings (Mirzoeff and course reader).
  • Mindmaps and brainstorms.
  • parapharsing and summarising.

Writing Skills –

  • Pinpoint key points.
  • Always draw back to the eassy topic.
  • Clear structured paragraph.
  • Revise and edit.

Content and Visual Text Analysis Tools –

  • Understand the context.
  • Researching the context and materials used to create the visual text- purpose and production.
  • Open mindedness to other interperations and meanings.
  • Connotative and denotative meanings.

Research and Information Gathering Tools and Protocols –

  • EasyBib – for citations.
  • Key words to help research and gather relatable materials.
  • Credible sources, e.g. published authors.
  • Massey’s stream academic integrity guide.