A2 – Essay Prep

Key ideas behind Mirzoeff

  • Historically self-portrait linked with elite status – power and wealth.
  • Les Meninas depicts living things in a hierarchy.
  • The power of association.
  • Artist as the intermediary.
  • Postmodernism – performance.
  • The artist is the hero.
  • Photographic self-portraits explore identity eg. gender.
  • Can also be a diary / record /evidence.
  • Celebrity selfie and social circle selfie
  • Networking – accessibility.
  • Authoring, performance, distance.
  • Less and less verbal exchange “moving past speech” 68.


TedX Navesink Talk notes.

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A Photographic Truth notes.

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Essay plan –

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Draft ssay introduction –

Understanding “the self”, as well as the changing nature of imagining and identity imaging through ideology and context is important as it develops in depth knowledge about the content and underlying meanings. Mirzeoff puts into perspective how identity is imposed on the body, e.g. gender. As the self-portrait evolves from just a painting capturing a person to a means of identity expression, it also changes with the development of technology. The myth of the photographic truth, the modern day selfie is simply a continuum of traditional portraiture and is also the subject of photographic truth and manipulation. After all, how we depict ourselves and how we wish to be seen still remain the same, the choreographing of a photograph still presents us in our best light.